Graphic Designs

Graphic design on your printed material does more than just making it pretty. It communicates to your customers, promotes your product, tells your customers about your brand, showcases your commitment to quality, and helps boost sales.

Your logo

The most important part of graphic design is the logo. There are many reasons why you would want a logo – you may be re-branding, or you might be a newcomer to your industry. In both situations, our designers focus on one thing – to make an eye catching and professional design that immediately conveys to customers whom you are targeting, and sets the image of your logo in their minds. We build logos following the professional corporate and brand guidelines.

You are the most important consideration in our graphic design. Our design is centered on your company and your core processes.

It’s all about your audience

We understand the graphic design for a brochure designed for Chinese consumers will be different from a flyer designed for American consumers because of their different aesthetic sensibilities. We dig deeper to know about your target audience – male or female, young or old, educated or high school drop outs – to produce a design that immediately clicks with your intended audience.

We understand the difference between gaudy and attractive. We keep our designs attractive and professional to build consumer trust.

Your graphic design must align with your web design and online advertisements, and this is why we have a web design and development team to make sure that everything is in perfect order.

Vunco designers are aware that you are running a business, not an art exhibition. Our designs are made to achieve that end. They contribute to increase your business by creating a professional graphic design that builds consumer trust and boost sales.