Web Shop

Our web shop is for merchants looking for an interactive and a customer friendly online store based on an easy-to-maintain and robust infrastructure. We create tested, scalable, and robust ecommerce systems for merchants who give us the complete control of their virtual store.

Our web shop solutions provide a very personalized shopping experience to your customers.

Completely integrated

We offer an easy-to-manage and integrated solution that allows you to perform essential functions yourself. The essential functions include editing product prices, changing product attributes, removing or adding catalog items, coupons, promoting updates, and integrating of back end data.

Our systems come with an easy-to-understand and intuitive interface which allows you to quickly revise your content in response to business requirements. The intuitive interface eliminates the need to spend heavily on IT.

With Vunco’s web shop solutions, you can be sure of the growth of your online business. Our solutions are based on tried and tested methods.

Vunco’s web shop solutions easily integrate with your ERP (enterprise resource planning) to give you and your customers an optimal online shopping experience. As our solutions integrate into your existing ERP IT infrastructure, you benefit from our software applications faster and cost effectively.

Automated systems

Once in place, our systems track business processes throughout purchasing cycles, generate reports, evaluate buyer behavior, and make a note of website performance for new improvement opportunities.

The system integrates into the Google’s Analytics services. This feature allows online businesses to pin-point what keywords will be the most useful of them. It discovers what ads brought in the most return-on-investment. It also works to find out what landing pages have been making the most money. Together this data allows you to optimize your site for maximum profit without compromising on consumer experience.

Administered control

Our web shop solutions provide you with more chances of improvement by identifying long-abandoned carts. Administrators can then decide how to deal with these other issues.

Finally, Vunco’s ecommerce solutions work as well for business-to-business (B2B) dealings. They allow merchants to segment the wholesale prices of goods and services into groups to cater to the needs of clients with dissimilar purchase habits.