Modplan Nordic A/S has developed the only maintenance-free gazebos on the market. A unique product that can bring new opportunities and values to any type of home. A gazebo is a charming and valuable addition to any garden or terrace. And you can use it all year round, too!

We are finding that companies are more commonly using gazebos where staff who are forced to smoke outdoors can go when they need a cigarette. Golf courses and other locations are also using them as places for smokers to shelter. At nursing homes, residents value gazebos very highly because they are a convenient place for them to go when they want to enjoy one another's company and a spot of fresh air. The key words here are quality of life and wellbeing.

These gazebos are attractive and maintenance-free – and they will look every bit as good in five years' time as they do today! Each and every part of the gazebo is made from the very latest uPVC materials, which have many advantages over the materials that used to be used for this kind of structure, such as wood. Modplan Nordic A/S gazebos will not be attacked by worms, rot or fungi. They will not peel or flake, and they never need to be painted or impregnated. You will not have to put up with lots of extra work with one of these gazebos – you just have to make the most of the extra enjoyment!

These gazebos are made from a newly developed uPVC material, with reinforcement incorporated. The strength and insulation offered by this solution are far in excess of anything aluminium has to offer. Moreover, our gazebos come fitted with 28 mm toughened glass.

Modplan Nordic A/S gazebos come fitted with integrated fibreglass guttering which is reinforced with an aluminium support. You can attach curtains, blinds or Roman blinds to these.

A Modplan Nordic A/S Gazebo brings so many new options to your garden.

You will not need to dash indoors at the first sign of rain. And when you need to find a little shade on those hottest of summer days, your gazebo will be the ideal place for you – no need to go indoors.

Those gorgeous, long summer evenings enjoying a barbecue do tend to turn a little bit chilly when the dew falls and yet you have no particular desire to go indoors. So why go indoors, then? Sit under your gazebo and enjoy the summer evenings for just as long as you like. You could serve your nearest and dearest – or maybe good friends – a dinner by moonlight.

Your children will adore having an extra place to play outdoors.

No matter what your situation, a gazebo will bring a range of new options to your garden. And with a large number of styles, designs, sizes and colours to choose from, our gazebos can be customised to suit any home.

The design options we offer mean that you can also bring style and elegance to your garden. A gazebo will form the framework for the atmosphere you want to bring to your family, your garden and your home.

Modplan Nordic A/S gazebos are a long-term investment. Not only will they maintain their value, they will also continue to look fabulous year after year. No sanding or painting is required. The only maintenance you have to do is general cleaning with soap and oiling the hinges, and there is no need for any additional treatment which may impact upon the environment.

Our plastic profiles are made from eco-friendly, sturdy PVC which cannot be damaged by rain, snow, frost or sunlight.

The service life of parts made of plastic is three or four times the service life of parts made of wood.

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